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About us

Since 2015, Bentonville Brewing Company has been committed to producing authentic and unique beers that push the boundaries of regular brewing styles and categories. We’re proud to serve our customers with only the best, continually crafting each taste until it’s exactly right.

Bentonville Brewing Co. was founded in 2015, and following a brief hiatus in Rogers, we now call the corner of 14th and I Street near Downtown Bentonville our home!

Our mission is simple: to brew great-tasting beer and create a community within Bentonville and the surrounding Northwest Arkansas area around our shared passion for craft beer.

We take great pride in our name and the city we were found in, and our goal is to collaborate and support the Bentonville community, as well as celebrate the values of Northwest Arkansas.

At Bentonville Brewing Company, we don’t just brew beer. Since opening our doors, we’ve been dedicated to putting our minds and hearts into the process, using the finest ingredients and employing state of the art techniques. The result is a selection of enjoyable, elegant and authentic craft beers.

We’re thrilled to bring our customers the best of the best, and continually try different approaches to keep our brews fresh and unique. To learn more, keep browsing through our site or stop by for a visit.

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